Amy Ellen Mainville Cohn, Ph.D.

Thurnau Professor, University of Michigan Associate Professor, Industrial and Operations Engineering Associate Director, Center for Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety Affiliate, MIT Global Airline Industry Program

Recent News

November 20, 2013: IOE students Vera Lo, George Tam, Nicole Haven, and Jeremy Castaing in the engine of a Boeing 737 at Southwest Airlines headquarters. The students were touring maintenance and other facilities before presenting their research results.

October 7, 2013: HEPS masters student Jason Card, seen here with classmates George Tam and Jeremy Castaing, presented his research on improving the delivery of care to pediatric asthma patients at the 2013 INFORMS annual meeting. Among those present in the audience were Mrs. Merrill Bonder of the Bonder Foundation, which has generously supported Jason’s research (and the research of many others in the program).

October 6, 2013: Professor Amy Cohn at the INFORMS meeting with three of her star students: Jason Card, George Tam, and Jeremy Castaing.

October 6, 2013: PhD student Jeremy Castaing presents his research on reducing airline gate blockage at the 2013 INFORMS conference. The figure he is presenting was drawn by Peter Cohn.

October 6, 2013: Undergraduate George Tam presents at an aviation session at the annual INFORMS meeting. The talk was followed by a lively dinner with many participants from the airline industry.

September 9, 2013: Congrats to my PhD student, Jeremy Castaing, for winning this year’s Bonder Fellowship! Jeremy, who is working on scheduling problems in satellites and aviation uses stochastic optimization to provide mathematical frameworks and design optimization models for small satellite missions and the airline industry.