Professor Amy Cohn Is…

An Educator

Amy values having an impact on and learning from students while teaching in the classroom, advising PhD students, and mentoring experiential learners. 

A Researcher

Amy’s research focuses on decision making in complex systems and, in particular, addressing ill-defined, multi-criteria objective functions and uncertainty. Complex systems, whether in freight transportation, passenger aviation, healthcare, or other domains, share many common underlying structures, and what is learned from one domain can be applied to many others. In particular, Amy’s prior research experiences have created a strong foundation for her work in applying systems engineering techniques to solve problems in healthcare delivery at the Center for Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety (CHEPS).

Part of a Vibrant, Diverse, Nurturing Community

A diverse community, whose members support and learn from one another, is integral to a thriving learning, teaching, and research environment. Amy greatly values her relationships with students, colleagues, collaborators, and alumni. She recognizes that having a variety of voices at the table means better solutions that can have a greater impact on more people. It’s also a lot more fun!

A Proud Member of the Fabulous Cohn Family

Amy is married to Jonathan Cohn, a senior national correspondent at the Huffington Post and author of SICK: The Untold Story of America’s Health Care Crisis – And the People Who Pay the Price. Their younger son Peter loves baking (his treats often make their way to CHEPS!), playing the flute, composing, and architecture. Their older son Tommy is an undergraduate at the University of Michigan studying math and computer science and is also a member of the Michigan Marching Band drumline. They enjoy vacationing as a family in Boston and on Cape Cod.