Conference Proceedings

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T. Thomas, R. Reddy, T. Ballard, A. Cohn, W. Pozehl, and P. Ehrlich.  “Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Case Requirements for General Surgeons in Pediatric Surgery: Evaluation of Current Operative Volume on Resident Completion of Index Cases.” American College of Surgeons 2015 Clinical Congress, Chicago IL 2015.

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J. Castaing, A. Cohn, and J. Cutler. “Scheduling Downloads for Multi-Satellite, Multi-Ground Station Missions.” 28th Annual AIAA/USA Conference on Small Satellites, 2014. Honorable mention in student competition.

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V. Chase*, A. Cohn, T. Peterson, and M. Lavieri. “Modeling Care Utilization Ratios to Guide Surge Responses for Non-Crisis Events.” Society of Medical Decision Making Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, October 2011. Finalist, Lee Lusted Award.

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